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Friday, May 12, 2017

IBM SPSS Statistics 23 Download for Windows

IBM SPSS Statistics 23 Download  - IBM SPSS Statistics 23 Download - The strength of IBM SPSS Statistics 23 is the ease of use. All analyzes are carried out through dialogues with an excellent design. The IBM SPSS Statistics interface facilitates the introduction of a large volume of data and variables. The data editor is an essential part of the program, and there is a whole menu dedicated to file manipulation. The new IBM SPSS Statistics 23 syntax editor is a long-awaited change that lives up to expectations.

Once you run tests, whether they are descriptive statistics, regressions, ANOVAs, time series or cluster analysis, IBM SPSS Statistics 23 will display the results in a separate viewer next to the charts. From there they can be copied and pasted to other programs or exported in PDF or DOC format. Office integration with IBM SPSS Statistics has been significantly improved. With solid performance and an outstanding graphics engine, IBM SPSS Statistics 23 remains a classic hard to dethrone. Its latest improvements and the Spanish translation of the interface make it indispensable.

SPSS Statistics Extensions : Discover the new extension center, where you can install and update different extensions. You can also access and work with open source and third-party programming extensions. Smarter data management: Refurbished environment for import and export of the most popular file types. In addition, SPSS Statistics version 23 also works better with different Excel features and options.

IBM SPSS Statistics 23 Download for Windows
IBM SPSS Statistics 23

New IBM SPSS Statistics 23 Features

  • Generalized linear mixed models
  • Faster performance
  • Statistics Portal
  • Automatic linear models
  • Improved syntax editor
  • Default measurement level
  • Direct marketing
  • IBM System z support
  • IBM SPSS Statistics supports the following formats : SAV, SPO, SPV, TXT, XLS, XLXS, SYS, POR, W, SLK, DBF, DTA, SD7, DOC, PDF, PPT
  • Renewed and enhanced features in SPSS Custom Tables.
  • New SPSS community for extensions and forums that you can ask questions about or discuss well.
  • Provides support for Python 3.
  • New datetime formats.

Download SPSS 23 from IBM site

Compability OS : windows
Size : 940.73 MB
Version : 23

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