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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

D-Link DSL 2750U Firmware Download

D-Link DSL 2750U Firmware

how to setup D-Link DSL 2750U Firmware
D-Link DSL 2750U Firmware 
D-Link DSL 2750U Firmware Download - D-Link International, has recently launched Router Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line 2+ (ADSL2 +) latest, the D-Link DSL-2750U. Both routers are versatile and high-speed supporting activities download speeds of up to 24Mbps for smooth streaming media as well as integrated firewall protection and Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure a secure Internet connection and high speed. D-Link DSL-2750U is designed to allow home users and businesses to manage a cost effective yet still get high-speed internet connection.

Download D-Link DSL 2750U Firmware
The second router is compatible with the previous generation Wireless G, D-Link DSL-2730 is designed for users who prefer the router directly without frills ADSL. For users who prefer cangging, router D-Link DSL-2750U comes with a built-in USB port and is suitable for users who prefer access to Network Attached Storage (NAS) them. Not only that the router is also equipped with high-level security such as Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and Denial of Service (DoS), routerD-Link DSL-2750U works to prevent access without legal permission from internet intruders by checking the contents of the incoming packets before they are allowed to pass through.

How to setup D-Link DSL 2750U Firmware
For quality of service (Quality of Service / QoS), the router supports multiple priority queues to enable multiple home or office users to enjoy the benefits of a smooth network connection of inbound data and outbound traffic regardless of network congestion. we provide download link for D-Link DSL 2750U Firmware, and how to install D-Link DSL 2750U Firmware.

How to Setup D-Link DSL 2750U Firmware

Here I use 2 way first upgrade firmware in a state of error and in normal circumstances (still good). Immediately to the first way:

For the first way (error  firmware) the following steps D-Link DSL 2750U Firmware :

  1. Set IP Address PC / Laptop you be given the default IP address is ADSL modem
  2. The next stage in advance, please download the latest D-Link DSL 2750U firmware at the bottom of this article.
  3. Subsequently extract the firmware that you downloaded earlier.
  4. Turn on the modem and then plug the modem and UTP RJ45 card lan PC / Laptop you who have been in setting before
  5. Then open Internet Explorer or Firefox can also use a modem and then type the IP address is in the address bar of the browser
  6. After emerging software update (firmware error state) there are three directions then browse and locate the firmware that you extracted earlier.
  7. Continue with Software Update
  8. If successful it will display the message New software is being programmed to the flash memory. The DSL Router will reboot upon completion.
  9. Next please wait up to 2 minutes and get into the modem to reset the settings.

For the second way (normal firmware) the following steps to install D-Link DSL 2750U Firmware :

  1. I consider steps 1 s / d 4 above from first way has been done.
  2. Turn off all firewalls (including Windows Firewall) and anti virus in your PC.
  3. Download TFTP server : Download here.
  4. Install tftpd32 on your PC / Laptop.
  5. Set Current Directory to D: \
  6. Set Server Interfaces to
  7. Click the Windows Start Menu and select Run, type cmd.
  8. At the command prompt, type ping, if the reply forwarded on to the next step
  9. Type telnet
  10. Enter your login username: admin, password: admin
  11. Once logged in type tftp -g -f DSL-2542B-SE_1.11_07122010_cfe_fs_kernel
  12. Then the modem will download the D-Link DSL 2750U firmware from the TFTP directory
  13. Leave for 10-15 minutes, then you can try to access back of your browser.
  14. Upon entry, reset to factory default your modem.
  15. Set the modem to do the setting from the beginning.

Such is the steps in ADSL modem firmware upgrade for the type of  D-Link DSL 2750U.

Download D-Link DSL 2750U Firmware

D-Link DSL 2750U Firmware New 4/03/2016 Download
D-Link DSL 2750U Firmware IN_1.10 8/23/2011 Download

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