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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Vodafone R210 Firmware Download

Vodafone R210 Firmware Download

Vodafone R210 Firmware Download
Vodafone R210 Firmware 

Vodafone R210 Firmware Download - Via Vodafone R210 WiFi, you can establish an Internet connection over the mobile broadband network using Windows 10 with any Vodafone R210. It is also possible as standard to charge the battery of the Mobile WiFi Router via USB cable, which is connected to the computer, or tablet.

Is your Vodafone R210 listed in the following table, you will receive a notification :

If you need to enter the PIN or PUK code on Vodafone R210
If your Vodafone R210 router open or close an internet connection
If you receive a new text message on your Vodafone R210
If the Mobile Broadband Web App can not be reached on your Vodafone R210

If you do not find your Vodafone R210 in the table, please install the Release 11 (or higher) of the Vodafone Mobile Broadband application and an additional driver package. This is required for R210 and W5101.

Firmware Vodafone R210 Mobile WiFi Router

This software (Vodafone R210 Firmware) includes open source program parts. Below you will find the conditions of the following open source licenses in the English original version:
  • GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1 (LGPLv2.1)
  • Apache Version 2.0
  • BSD 3-clause license
  • BSD 2-clause license
  • MIT License
  • Curl License
  • zlib / libpng License

Download Vodafone R210 Firmware

You can download the open source license terms and the information used open source code of this Vodafone R210 firmware on this page. Under the terms of the open source licenses, we point out that the programmers have any liability and warranty for the Vodafone R210 software and its features excluded. The details please refer to the license conditions. In referring to this disclaimer Vodafone met solely the license conditions of the programmer. Legal and contractual claims against the Vodafone GmbH are not affected by the disclaimer.

Vodafone R210 Firmware Download
Vodafone R210 Firmware Installation Guide Download
Vodafone R210 Additional Drivers Download

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